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Canine Artificial Insemination

The intra-uterine insemination technique we use at VRC is called Transcervical Insemination (TCI).

TCI is an ethical & fast alternative to surgical implantation and produces equal conception results.

Watch our video for an overview!


Transcervical Insemination (TCI) with frozen, fresh and chilled semen

TCI is an insemination technique that deposits semen directly into the uterine horns. Insemination is performed using a specifically designed scope that allows visualisation of the bitch’s cervical opening and passage of a catheter into the uterine horns. The timing for insemination is determined by blood progesterone testing, vaginal cytology and visualisation of the vaginal lining with the endoscope. 



1. Anaesthetic and surgery free: TCI is performed on the conscious, standing bitch

2. Non-invasive: The procedure does not require abdominal surgery

3. Speed: TCI is an outpatient procedure and in most cases is completed in 5 minutes.

4. Semen options: TCI allows us to successfully inseminate bitches with poorer quality semen. All frozen semen requires insemination directly into the uterus due to the rigors of the freezing process and TCI also gains successful results with poorer quality fresh and shipped semen.  

5. Consecutive TCI availability: Sometimes the quality of the frozen semen or the circumstances surrounding the breeding call for inseminations on two consecutive days to increase the likelihood of conception. As there is no general anaesthetic or surgery required for a TCI this is readily performed with no negative effect on the bitch.




The speed of this procedure enables you to be present for the insemination. This means there is no requirement for the bitch to be away from home in stressful situations for long periods - She will go to her local, familiar veterinarian for the blood progesterone testing required prior to insemination and only need to travel to VRC for the insemination consultation. 

Following the insemination, you will receive a summary report

containing the details of the breeding, as well as the

recommended dates to perform pregnancy ultrasound,

radiographs and expected date of whelping.


Please contact us on your bitch's first day of heat to ensure

we can proceed with ideal scheduling and preparation. 

For those planning on using frozen semen, please watch our

video on purchasing frozen semen to ensure you give your

bitch the best chance at conception!




At VRC we do not perform inseminations via the surgical approach given the availability of TCI as a non-invasive and ethical alternative. Surgical inseminations are now banned in the UK for this reason.

Insemination with fresh or chilled semen can be performed via a vaginal insemination. Whilst Transcervical Insemination is the gold standard procedure, in cases with a high quality and quantity of semen available it is an alternative, more economic option. Vaginal insemination is best performed using Mavic Catheters which achieve an equivalent or improved result when compared to natural matings.




VRC and S.A.S.H are committed to the ethical breeding of all species and breeding advice will be reserved for those clients following recommended breed testing protocols. 


 Click here to download our comprehensive PDF information sheet on insemination at VRC

Reproductive anatomy pic Rubbed out anat

Vaginal Insemination with Fresh and Chilled Semen


The TCI Endoscope & Catheter

Vaginal AI

The TCI Procedure Underway


Visualisation of the Cervix

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