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Timely advice on your reproduction cases by a specialist reproduction vet



Seeking advice on the medical management of pyometra?

Unsure how to proceed with a poor fertility case?

Patient parturition giving you a headache?

Having trouble getting your animal pregnant?

Looking for advice on ethical breeding protocols?

Looking for methods to stop your animal from cycling?

Common Referral Topics
Infertility and subfertility management
Breeding timing services for breeding/artificial insemination
Pregnancy management including diagnosis, abortion, mismating
Parturition management including correct timing determination, dystocia, caesarean section
Breed specific ethical breeding advice including recommended DNA testing
Diseases of the reproductive system including but not limited to;
Pyometra and other uterine disorders, ovarian disorders including ovarian remnant syndrome and ovarian cysts, penile disorders and diseases of the accessory sex glands and testicles.
Please note this list is not exhaustive!
Consultation topics
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