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Canine Semen Freezing & Storage

For long term storage of canine semen we can freeze a sample in -196 degree Celsius liquid nitrogen. Amazingly, frozen semen can be stored in this way forever without a decrease in quality!


Semen Freezing at VRC


The process of semen freezing requires specialised knowledge and equipment.


Whilst the collection process is relatively short (see our semen collection page), the subsequent laboratory protocols take most of the day to ensure your sperm have the highest chance of surviving the rigors of freezing. For this reason we perform all our semen collections for freezing in the morning!




  • Preservation of bloodlines and valuable genetics FOREVER

  • INSURANCE against loss, death or infertility secondary to age/disease

  • Enables TRANSPORT of your semen worldwide




Whilst sperm can be frozen from dogs of any age, after the age of 6 years old fertility does decrease significantly. It is therefore ideal to collect and freeze semen from stud dogs between 2 and 4 years of age to gain the best quality and most fertile sample.


Please visit out insemination information page to read about insemination of frozen semen via TCI at VRC.





Frozen seen can be stored indefinitely in liguid nitrogen at minus 196

degrees Celsius. VRC has storage capabilities to maintain, preserve and

keep safe your important frozen semen. 


For transfer of semen locally or interstate we have the use of a dry shipper

allowing shipment to the destination. Currently, international import or

export should be arranged with a frozen semen transfer company.


VRC recommends that prior to investing in a dose of frozen semen you

have a discussion with our veterinarian regarding the quality and quantity

of semen available for purchase, as there are some very poor quality

samples out there that end up with you wasting your money!


Click here to download our comprehensive PDF information sheet on semen freezing and storage at VRC.

Storage of frozen semen at VRC

Frozen semen tank.JPG

The VRC Storage Tank

S Storage
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