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The Periparturient Period 

(Pregnancy, Whelping & Lactation)


Getting your girl bred is just the start of the breeding journey! Whether you have questions regarding how to diagnose pregnancy, when do you make the decision for C section or what wormer to use on the puppies, we're here to help!

Lots of frequently asked questions are answered in our 'Pregnancy and Whelping Handout'

For personalised, case- by- case questions please contact your local veterinarian or VRC directly. Examples of referral consultations we commonly perform (in conjunction with your local veterinarian) include:

Happy Mum
  • Management of disease during pregnancy

  • Infertility consultations

  • Drug safety in pregnant and lactating bitches

  • Vulval discharge during pregnancy

  • Medical management of pyometra

  • Progesterone monitoring during pregnancy

  • Management of whelping

  • When to go to surgery (C section)

  • Progesterone monitoring for whelping timing

  • To spay.. or not to spay

  • Lack of sufficient milk production

  • Mismothering

  • Mastitis

  • Congenital deformities

  • Future breeding planning

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