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Bull Semen Freezing

All bovine semen freezing at VRC is performed through Dr Kristen Fredericksen, KB Livestock Services.

For bookings or enquiries, please contact Kristen directly for bookings on 0400 978 373.


Cow Eye

Advantages of semen freezing

  • INSURANCE Frozen semen allows preservation of your bull's genetic material indefinitely

  • MORE BREEDINGS The ejaculate is divided into multiple doses, meaning more females can be bred with a valuable chosen genetics

  • GENETIC GAIN Fast genetic progress through expansive use of desired genetics

  • ECONOMICAL Purchasing frozen semen is more economical than investing in multiple expensive bulls, so frozen semen doses can be sold to vendors nationwide.

  • TRANSPORTATION Semen can be shipped nationwide, mitigating all risk associated with live animal transport and housing. 

  • EFFICIENCY Know you have the required amount of doses ready for your AI program, making for a well planned and efficient breeding season

The freezing process

Following dilution, the sample is processed as follows

1. Cooled to 5 degrees at a controlled rate

2. Packaged in labelled STRAWS

3. Held above liquid nitrogen vapour

4. Plunged into liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees)

5. Stored in liquid nitrogen tanks

6. A sample straw is thawed to assess how it has tolerated the rigorous freezing process and ensure minimum standards are met.

Straws can be stored at KB Livestock Services.

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