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Canine Semen Collection & Assessment

Collection of canine semen allows for assessment of libido and producing ability, followed by visual assessment under the microscope of the quality and quantity of the sample produced.



Semen collection is only a short process and usually takes just 5 minutes. A dog’s sample is separated into 3 fractions, with the second ‘sperm rich’ fraction being the most important as it contains all the sperm! You will be able to visualise the sample alongside us for colour and volume. Then we look at it under the microscope (viewed by you on the microscope screen) to assess the percentage of moving sperm (called ‘motility’).


After this initial assessment we use special procedures to analyse the

number of sperm and determine if they have developmental abnormalities

such as bent tails or abnormally shaped heads. Note that presence of

these abnormalities (called ‘morphological abnormalities’) does NOT mean

that the puppies will be deformed, rather that the sperm will be unable to

fertilise the egg!


All of this information is collaborated in a detailed report and emailed to

you following your appointment.


TEASER BITCH            


The presence of a bitch in heat, or ‘teaser bitch’, at the collection greatly

improves both the chances of obtaining a sample and obtaining the highest

quality sample possible (and around 30% more sperm cells).


We therefore only perform semen collections when a teaser bitch is also

available or provided by the client, ideally at around day 10-15 of her cycle. 

If you do not have access to a teaser bitch please let us know and we will

add you to our waiting list!


Semen collection & assessment is performed on all samples that are

collected at VRC. For more information on collecting semen for chilled

shipment and dog semen freezing please click on the links!


Please visit out insemination information page to read about insemination of frozen semen via TCI at VRC.


Click here to download our comprehensive PDF information sheet on semen collection and assessment at VRC.


Assessing semen on microscope screen

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