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Canine Semen Collection for Shipping (Chilled)

When the stud dog and bitch are located a distance from each other and both are young and fertile, a cost-effective option for breeding is for semen to be collected, processed and shipped at 4 degrees Celcius. It is then inseminated (ideally via TCI) upon arrival.




Semen samples can be preserved with good viability for several days if correct processing and handling procedures are followed. This involves diluting the sample with extender to the most favourable concentration for long term survival and then gradually cooling it to 4 degrees Celcius.


Depending on the quality of the semen the sample can stay viable for up

to 10 days! However we really do like to inseminate within 2 days of the

semen being collected, and ideally on the same day.


Semen can be shipped anywhere in Australia and even New Zealand!




If you are using chilled semen to inseminate your bitch planning is key!

In order to maximise chances of conception it is of course very important

to make sure ovulation timing is performed with as much notice given to

the collecting veterinarian/stud dog owner as possible. This ensures the

insemination can be performed on the best day with the best semen

sample possible (i.e. the sample is collected as close to the required

shipping time as possible!).




Should a client wish to use your stud via a chilled shipment sample please

contact us as soon as you are aware of an upcoming request. We can

then ensure we have determined the most efficient method of transport

and how long it will take for the semen sample to reach it’s destination prior

to arranging your collection appointment.

Chilled semen box.JPG

A purpose- designed chilled shipment box

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