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Veterinary Reproduction Concerns

For medical reproduction concerns please book in with your regular veterinarian for an initial consultation prior to them contacting us at VRC. This will allow complete assessment by a veterinary professional and ensure we are both able provide the best advice possible through professional veterinary communication.

Canine Breeding Timing Advice

Determining the most fertile day/s for Natural Matings or AI


The following information relates only to those clients performing a natural mating or AI at their regular veterinarian. For AIs and TCIs to be performed at VRC please contact us directly.

Here at VRC we are able to provide expert advice on canine breeding timing, taking into consideration results of progesterone testing, signalment and previous history.

Owners may contact us directly by completing the Ovulation Timing Form and registering your bitch. Please do so on her first day of heat to ensure we can proceed with ideal scheduling. 


VRC and S.A.S.H are committed to the ethical breeding of all species and breeding advice will be reserved for those clients following recommended breed testing protocols.  

Infertility Consultations

For in/fertility advisory consultations prior to breeding or after a non-pregnant result please fill out our Infertility Consultation Form.



"Last year I was introduced to Dr Jasmin Hyatt when one of my Border Collie bitches had failed to fall pregnant on two previous attempts. I've worked as Veterinary Nurse for nearly 30 years and bred Border Collies for the last 20 years, and in just one conversation I came away with a wealth of new knowledge. Jasmin was able to come up with a plan and in the process explain everything in an easy to understand way. Together we worked methodically through the whole process and the end result, a healthy litter of 9 puppies!

I'm very grateful for all the time Jasmin spent helping this happen.  It was really nice to have someone who took the time to make sure I understood each part of the process. 

It's very exciting to have someone with Jasmin’s experience, knowledge and communication skills in this very specialised area."


Kelly Gill

Kerodan Kennels  

The Wonderdogs

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